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Smile Seekers has developed programs for Children & Youth:


Visiting the sick and elderly is not just a good thing, it's the right thing to do.

Each week, kids from some of the most undesirable neighborhoods in our community volunteer to visit the elderly.   At our headquarters, they dress up in colorful clowns suits and creatively painted faces.  Our buses then transport them to local convalescent hospitals where they visit the elderly, sing songs, listen to old-time stories and more importantly... they give and receive love.


Many of our volunteers are kids from homes where one or both parents have drug, alcohol and violent histories.  We take the time to explain how these lifestyles can hurt them and others.  We teach the kids the Bible in a way that is practical, helping them deal with the challenges they face daily.  For example, we'll teach them how to live life with a kind spirit  and to apply biblical kindness to everyday life.  We teach the kids to always pray for their loved ones and to never give up hope.

Every week, we see some of the most hardcore kids responding to the love that Smile Seeking brings!



Back at clown headquarters, the kids are served warm meals such as chicken, pizza, rice, salad and fresh fruit. For some of these kids, it will be the best meal they have all week. Weather permitting, we have water-balloon games and other outdoor activities for the kids.  We have seen incredible changes in kids who have been regulars of the program, some of whom have been coming for years.  What started seven years ago with a modest group of 3 clown visitors has grown to an average of 50 amazingly colorful volunteers per week.

Our headquarters are located in Riverside, California. 
We would love to help you set up a chapter in your community!

Please call  951-452-9212  for more information.


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